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student entrepreneurs

Because tomorrow's startups are created on today's campuses!

About us

More than 300,000 French students want to become entrepreneurs every year, and the number is growing all the time.

However, their projects often face obstacles. 90% lack funds and over 50% have no support at all.

With over 60 investors, Campus Fund offers young entrepreneurs financing, support and access to a wide network.

Every month, our team criss-crosses French cities and campuses, unearthing and sowing the seeds of future entrepreneurial nuggets. We support all types of projects, with a preference for those with a technological and B2B component.

Our solution

First check

Campus Fund's participation takes the form of an investment of up to €60K per startup. This amount can be topped up by our individual investors, depending on the company's needs and the size of the round.


Campus Fund Advisory's experts are committed to providing long-term support to student entrepreneurs for several days a month, according to the needs and specificities of the project.


Campus Fund provides its portfolio companies with a toolbox, including negotiated partnerships, enabling a startup to develop (storage, legal, accounting, code, etc.).

The team

Our team, close to student entrepreneurs, offers a solid foothold in the student world. Thanks to Campus Fund Advisory, our startups benefit from the guidance of experienced entrepreneurs, providing invaluable support to our portfolio.

The investment process

Campus Fund carries out the selection of applications through simple and precise steps. We focus on essentials to optimize contributions.


What stage of funding do you invest in?

We usually try to be the first investor. This means we're often part of the "love money" round, when companies are developing their MVP.

How often do you select startups?

In order to remain agile, we carry out a selection round every month.

What does funding from Campus Fund enable?

Our funding, ranging from €20k to €60k, can be used for various needs of the company, such as investment in human resources, technology, or developing a proof of concept (POC). Furthermore, this investment acts as a leverage to unlock other financing options such as loans and grants. Therefore, with Campus Fund's investment, the entrepreneur can potentially access up to four times the initially invested amount.

What does your support involve?

When we finance a company, two experts are assigned according to the company's needs and their expertise. The experts accompany the company for a minimum of two days a month for 12 to 18 months, until the next round of financing.

Does your fund have an impact dimension?

Our students are sensitive to social and environmental issues, and over 90% of our dealflow is made up of impact projects.

How many startups do you select each year?

Our goal is to invest in 10 startups a year.

How long does the process take?

Our aim is to have a fast process. Depending on when you apply for a funding, the process can vary from a few days to 3 months, which is the maximum time between each selection round.

Who are your experts?

Our experts are entrepreneurs and consultants from major firms, with a wealth of experience in different sectors such as IoT, SaaS, finance, aeronautics, marketing and healthcare.

Are you necessarily the leader of the financing round? 

We generally invest at a very early stage of development. As a result, we are often alone in our financing rounds, although we have no objection to co-investing.

What is your investment thesis?

We invest exclusively in companies run by student entrepreneurs and recent graduates. By young graduates, we mean a maximum of two years after graduation.

What sectors do you invest in?

We don't invest in a specific sector. However, we do have a real appetite for Tech, B2B and scalable companies.

Our mission

Hackathons, conferences, masterclasses and webinars. In two French regions a month, Campus Fund raises awareness and identifies young aspiring entrepreneurs on campus.


Join us for a month of exceptional innovation, creativity and collaboration. This hackathon is an entrepreneurial adventure designed especially for creative and ambitious minds.

The event is a month-long student hackathon with mostly face-to-face sessions. Each session will guide students through the essential stages of startup development, from idea conception to fundraising. The goal? To create a tech company !